10 Songs that Made Spring Break #LitAF


Well my fellow party animals and boozers, Spring Break is officially over and gone. But just because the week of pouring Kahlua into your coffee cups and running on the beach half naked (or completely naked) are over, doesn’t mean all those vibes have to stop. Here at DoItForState, we acknowledge that all a good party needs is some quality lit tunes and good company. And while we have no control over who comes knocking at your door, we do have a list of 10 songs that made Spring Break 2k17 #LitAF. These songs have been tested in the Sharkey’s infested waters and brilliantly colored Senor Frog’s club in Myrtle Beach. 100% guaranteed to get the people jumping and bring back those forgotten, drunken memories of Spring Break night’s past, here is our list.


  1. Mask Off, Future

            One surefire way to activate Beast Mode? Play this song. Not only is the underlying beat so sick, but the background flute adds a touch of jazz for those old souls in the room. The controversy is that it’s origin is from a 1970’s song originally written to honor Martin Luther King Jr. For all those anti- history people out there, not to worry, it’s still a popping song. We would promise that you’ll love it from here to Pluto, but as we all know, that would be a liability.

2.               Rolex, Ayo and Teyo

            To all of my fancy friends out there, this one is for you. This song has the beat and hype to get everyone off their electronic devices and onto the dance floor. Not only was it one of the most beloved songs at the club, but it got the crowd high off the atmosphere. Then again, Ayo and Teyo weren’t the only ones who wanted a rollie.


3.               Again, Fetty Wap

            “I go out of my way to please you

I go out of my way to see you

And I want you to be mine again baby”

Yeah yeah, I’m sure Fetty Wap had a fine girl with a fatty in mind when he wrote this song, but really, this is exactly how I feel about Spring Break Myrtle Beach. I’m not playing any games, I need you.


4.               All The Way Up, French Montana/InfaRed

            It’s all in the name on this one. Here’s to feeling on top of the world this Spring Break, or for the lucky ladies, on top of the stage. Hollaa!


5.               Bounce Back, Big Sean

            What better song could possibly capture the spirit of Spring Break than this one? After a week of partying and making questionable decisions under the influence, I’m willing to bet these lyrics became your own personal theme song on one or three mornings. In fact, I’m also willing to bet that this very song also motivated you to get yourself together for the impending night too. If it didn’t, well, maybe you didn’t do Spring Break right. Just saying.


6.               Bad and Boujee, Migos/Lil Uzi Vert

            Rain drop,

            Drop top,

            Sipping on martini’s served on the rocks rocks

            Song on replay non-stop stop stop

            Don’t mind me. Just bringing a whole new meaning to bad and boujee.

7.               Black Beetles, Rae Sremmurd

            This track is a real crowd pleaser. After the internet was taken by storm by the mannequin challenge, this song is pretty much known by everyone. Yes, even old geezers.

8.               Pick Up the Phone, Young Thug/Travi$ Scott

            Picture it. Dudes, you’re dancing with a girl or;  Ladies, you’re dancing on a guy, all is going well and you exchange numbers hoping for a late night rendezvous. Sound familiar? Well I’m sure you’ve also been in the scenario where you’re calling your intended lay after the music stops and the buzz dies down to no avail. Whether or not you receive that obligatory “Oops, sorry I fell asleep.” text in the morning, take comfort in knowing there is a song out there just for you.

9.               Jordan Belfort, Wes Walker/Dyl

            If Wolf of Wall Street is anything to go by, this man lived the life. And while I may not have played his role better than Leonardo DiCaprio over Spring Break, I’d be damned if I didn’t at least try. I hope you did too.

10.            Caroline, Animè

            While I’m still not sure how I feel about the comparison of bedroom activities to a gory Tarantino movie, I can appreciate the fact that this song immortalizes a bad chick going South.   Here’s to carrying on the legacy in the one, the only Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Cheers!

Credit goes to Brianna Poulin!