Today’s selfie game has higher standards than ever before with everyone at it including Barack Obama and Miley Cyrus. How can you match up with that? Have no fear, we’ve put together a few tips for taking a great selfie. We’ll help you send something special to your friends or significant other, because sometimes a bad selfie can make or break you.

1. Avoid overhead lighting

We get you think you look fantastic, but the reality is not many people look great when overhead lighting is beaming down on them. We recommend using natural lighting unless you are able to direct the light at your best features.

2. No nostrils, please

Not much to say here except avoid the shot that could make you look like Shrek. It’s safe to say no one wants to see what’s inside the bat cave.

3. Natural without the duckface

Most believe the duckface is cute. Although most celebrities take selfies showing their duckface, you aren’t a celebrity yet – and let’s face it, chances are probably slim. Achieve the natural, well-rested look by relaxing your face, it may take a few attempts.

4. Shoot from an angle

Most people can’t pull of a direct facing photo, which is why you should consider tilting your head and adding a little perspective to your photo. This is something that will take practice. We recommend standing in front of a mirror at an angle to get the best practice.

5. Get the right background

The bathroom selfie era has come and gone. Remember those selfies with underwear scattered around the room or toilets in the background? Those are a total vibe killer, and
we recommend making your background super interesting, such as the The London Eye. Anything besides a bathroom, kids, or a mess will do the trick here.

6. Avoid outstretching arms

Keep the selfies that don’t show your alien arms. Outstretched arms are also vibe killers. To avoid this large arm drama, we recommend setting your camera up at a distance with a timer. This helps you work with angles as well.

7. Try it with a filter

Don’t go overboard here, but selfies look great with the black and white filter. This is another good way to make sure your selfies don’t look trashy. Not a fan of black and white? Give sepia a chance. Our best advice: playing around with photo editing software is the best way to get the most out of your snaps.

Not many people can pull of taking a great #selfie the right way. This will require some practice in order to make yours perfect.