Drinking Games For Any Budget


You’re a hard working, serious minded college student. At least we hope that’s the case since it costs so much to attend these days, but even the most serious of students needs to wind down and escape from the pressures of studying and passing classes in a limited time frame.

So what’s a good way of zoning out? Partying, of course. What’s a good cheap way of partying? Drinking games, my dear, drinking games. Here are some of the most popular and fun drinking games.

1. Beer Pong

All you need is a table, cups of beer, and a supply of ping pong balls.

Each team of four to six people lines up on either side of the table. Every player has a cup of beer in front of him and her. The two teams take turns trying to toss ping pong balls into the other team’s cups.  When they do the person with a ball in their cup has to drink the beer, and then refill it. Extra rules can be added or tweaked.

Of course, the team that loses the most gets drunk the fastest.

2. TV or Movie Game

Get a group of people in front of a TV and set out your rules for playing the game. Let’s say everybody drinks when a character’s name is spoken during the course of a TV show. Or if it’s a R-rated TV show or movie, everybody drinks when a certain cuss word is uttered.

3. Sports Games

Watch a sporting event live with a group of people. Decide what game situation warrants a drink from all present. If it’s a basketball game a drink could be taken when a dunk is executed by a member of one or both of the teams. Or you can add the same rule for a three point basket.

If it’s a football game, a drink could be taken every time a team makes a first down. Double or triple drinks could be taken for every touchdown scored.