Nightcrawler (2014)


Could this movie live up to the hype? The hype of the ratings, the hype of our own personal excitement for this film built up over 3 to 4 months since first glance of the trailer. The answer is a bold “Best film of the year!!” tag.

NightCrawler is a dark, dedicated film that will achieve its goal at whatever cost, which is depictive of the main character Louis Bloom, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Bloom, a desperate out of work criminal starts off the film selling literal scraps for money. He is searching, not only for money to support himself, but a passion to fuel himself. It is clear from the start that the character is a savagely driven man willing to do anything to succeed. On the way home from a disappointing ‘Interview’ he runs along a car crash and his fascination is peaked once a van pulls up with camera men running to capture the event on film. From this, the rookie director Gilroy masterfully, and with great pace, builds Bloom’s rise up the NightCrawling profession to a stunning conclusion.

First off, Gyllenhaal’s performance as Lou Bloom deserves the Oscar this year, and will take an unbelievable performance to sway that opinion. Losing 20 pounds for the film was only the beginning of this career-defining performance. The character is so over the top that overacting the role seems inevitable, but Gyllenhaal makes Bloom completely believable and frightening, which is necessary for the success of this film. The finesse of toeing the line between being a character driven movie, and a plot driven movie was another real strength of this movie. The movie starts being primarily a character driven movie then throws in an effective plot that give the second half of the movie a thrilling boost. Many times when this happens in cinema, it comes off as clichéd and doesn’t effectively further the movie, but Gilroy shows off his talent as a writer and director by pulling it off. NightCrawler is a modern masterpiece and truly one of the great thrillers of our time. Warning: NightCrawler has a dim and brutal tone throughout the movie. Not for youth because of the dark themes and debatable praise for an anti-hero.

Final Thoughts: We absolutely loved this film and would recommend it for anyone who loves film. Intense and gripping to a fault, and was the first time we had to say “it’s only a movie” to calm our heart rate outside of a horror movie. We do not believe the movie praised evil acts that happened during the movie, but instead showed realism in how the real world is unjust sometimes. Gilroy tight roped the depravity line beautifully and delivered a breakthrough movie into the thriller genre.