1. Find the right teammate

Things to look for in a good teammate are hand-eye coordination and muscle memory. We would recommend looking for a former athlete. Although short players can be good, height is a good advantage to have.

2. Get ready

Start taking the edge off with a few drinks. You don’t want to get trashed here, but enough to ease the pressure and relax. We recommend starting 90 minutes before the match.

3. Play, play, play

The only way to get good at something is to keep doing it over and over. Start playing at those random college frat parties and get your muscle memory on point. Putting yourself in front of a crowd and playing will definitely be helpful.

4. Start sniping

We recommend starting from the front and work your way to the back cups. Going for closer cups is always easier, and it doesn’t make sense to try for more difficult shots when the cups will be moved closer to you when they’re re-racked anyway.

5. Don’t stop drinking

You’ll want to stay loose by drinking between matches. We recommend sipping on mixed drinks to keep your buzz going. Oh, and don’t forget to eat.

6. Focus on technique

Although there are many ways to throw the ball, use whatever works best for you. Play with your grip using your thumb and middle finger, using different motions such as giving the ball some spin.

7. Stay competitve

Don’t be afraid to get in the other opponent’s head. Let the other opponent know exactly how many times they have missed. Don’t be an amateur – waving your hands around to cause distraction is frowned upon.